Sectors that Paytriot work with and the services we can provide them. For more information on these please contact the team and we will make sure to be in touch to help and onboard you.

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    Chiropractors assess and treat musculoskeletal abnormalities and spinal misalignment, which can result in general pain and health problems. Many people experience chronic back pain as a result of factors such as posture, job type, and activity. Paytriot provides chiropractors with merchant services, including a merchant account. Their adaptable solutions include a secure gateway and a payment site for transaction tracking. Set up an account with Paytriot.

    • Merchant account /
    • UK /
    • Payment Gateway

    Football Clubs

    The demand for merchant accounts and payment gateways is growing as more football teams accept online payments for memberships and sales. Paytriot provides flexible merchant services that are suited to your football club's specific needs. Our merchant accounts let you take credit and debit card payments, and our weekly settlement ensures that you get paid on schedule. You can simply track transactions and download information to better manage your business if you have access to our payment site. Our 3D secure technology also safeguards the sensitive information of your clients from fraudulent activity. Allow Paytriot to be your payment processor and assist you in taking your football team to the next level.

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