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Driving schools

driving schools

Driving schools credit card processing and payment acquiring


From the age of 17 people in the UK can begin their driving lessons and buy a car. In 2018 there were just under 38 million licensed cars in the UK, showing just how many drivers there are. The average person takes anywhere between 15-20 lessons before taking their test. Driving lessons can be booked through a private instructor or a company. The following article covers how Paytriot Payments can cover online payments for businesses who offer driving schools online. 


Driving lessons can be booked in bulk online with 10 lessons available at once at a knocked down price.  These can be booked over the telephone or online, the most popular age group for those who are learning how to drive is young people aged between 17-21, because they are entering the next phase of their lives after completing education. The number of female drivers in the UK has also continued to rise, making the demand for driving lessons very high. 


There are now more automatic lessons available as the number of automatic cars has increased, these lessons often cost more because lessons are not widely available. Automatic requires less lessons to learn, which means the average spend for manual and automatic lessons is roughly the same by the end of the course.


Those are offering driving lessons, online payments will require a payment processor, and at Paytriot Payments we offer a wide range of merchant services and we can be flexible to the needs of your business. We can process payments for credit and debit cards, and these will be blocked if there is suspected fraudulent activity, through our 3-d secure system. 


Paytriot Payments will also acquire payments on your behalf before releasing them to you within a few days. The money is stored in your merchant account and we will always pay you on time, you can see the amount you have turned over on your payment gateway.


If you are interested in our services, please get in touch today, and our friendly team of account managers will guide you through the set-up process.

Who are Paytriot Payments?


Paytriot Payments is a UK based payment provider that provides merchant services to businesses looking to accept payments online or over the phone based in the UK and Europe. Paytriot is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom and is listed with Visa and MasterCard to process card payments directly.


 Our team have gained years of experience in multiple sectors in the industry and would be able to fully understand your business model whether your business sector is in a complex low risk or high-risk industry.

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